The BID's Mission

A rising tide lifts all ships.

The Economist magazine once described business improvement districts as "the best hope for getting parts of America's cash-strapped cities working again." In essence, BIDs are economic development organziations that deliver public services to specific areas to supplement the services offered by local government.

Our work is funded by assessed fees paid by the property owners within the boundaries of the BID. These fees provide a sustainable funding source from which we maintain and enhance our downtown as a great place to live, a great place to conduct business, and a great place to play. When all property owners participate in supporting the care and promotion of our common areas, all property owners become the tide that lifts all ships.

Our mission is simple: The Northampton BID is dedicated to creating a vibrant, clean, and economically thriving downtown through programming, beautification, and collective advocacy. We are committed to celebrating and building on the success and vibrancy of our downtown community.

We are supported by our property owner members, the City of Northampton, and Smith College.